Learning Through Sensory Exploration

22nd February 2024

In Creche, children have been immersed in learning about different fruit and colours. Sensory exploration has been a big feature of this topic, as it is fundamental to early childhood development. It supports language development by enabling children to associate words with sensory experiences. Describing a fruit as a "sweet banana," "juicy orange," or "sour lemon" naturally expands vocabulary. They have been associating fruit with certain colours, while exploring the smells and tastes of a range of fruit.


Sensory exploration can support the development of motor skills, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination through activities like pouring, squeezing, and lifting. It also helps children regulate their emotions, promoting relaxation and reducing any anxiety.


The little ones have had an exhilarating week exploring fruit in shades of red, yellow, and orange. They enthusiastically squeezed oranges to make fresh orange juice, relishing the experience of smelling, tasting, and feeling these fruit.

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