Mean Mixtures to Baffle Seagulls

17th June 2022

To help children to develop their ideas and language for writing, things can sometimes get a little bit crazy! In Year 1, teachers come up with fun and hands-on activities, which to an outsider, could certainly look a little unusual for English. These activities are an incredibly valuable means of language development: the relaxed and fun environment encourages children to get talking, meaning that once the writing begins, they have already done the hard work of working out what they are writing about.

painting (3).jpg
painting (2).jpg

In Year 1’s current English topic book, A Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, a lighthouse keeper keeps having his most scrumptious lunch stolen by some scavenging seagulls. So with help from his wife, they come up with various plans to baffle the seagulls. They eventually manage to scare off the gulls by creating a yucky lunch of mustard sandwiches.

On Thursday, the children got creative and started thinking of even more yucky lunch ideas to ward off those naughty seagulls. Here are just a few of the children's suggested ingredients: pepper, chili, onions, celery, mustard, lime, salt, radish, vinegar, coconut - would you be brave enough to try any of these in your sandwich?!

making sandwich.jpg
making sanwich.jpg

With these disgustingly mean ideas we are now going to be creating a recipe book titled, Mean Mixtures to Baffle Seagulls. So, if any of you are having problems with thieving seagulls, or know of anyone else who is, you now know where to get help … Year 1!