Meerkat Mail Adventures

1st March 2024

Throughout this second half of the term, Year 1 children have turned into young explorers. They aren't simply following Sunny's adventures in "Meerkat Mail" (from Emily Gravett's book) – they're venturing on their own imaginary journeys to the places Sunny visited, complete with their own suitcases in tow.

Equipped with magical backpacks brimming with curiosity and wonder, they're bringing a piece of their world to school, mirroring Sunny's meerkat mail expedition.


The classroom transformed into a desert oasis and beyond, offering them a chance to fully immerse themselves in the magic of exploration. They expanded their knowledge of habitats and used the vocabulary that comes with it.

IMG_1210 - Copy.JPG

Amidst the discussions, friendships blossom and bonds strengthen as they collaborate ideas. This experience made this book come alive in the children's imaginations, they were also able to appreciate the different perspectives of the characters along the way.


The joy was contagious as they laughed and learned together, creating cherished memories.

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