Nairobi National Museum

19th November 2021

On Thursday, Year 6 excitedly piled into the school bus for an adventure…

After what felt like several hours of Miss Hogan’s finest pop playlists, we arrived at Braeburn Garden Estate. A class quiz was the perfect end to the evening, proving to be just enough exercise for everyone’s brains to tire them out for the night.

After a good nights sleep at the BGE boarding house and stocking up on plenty of pancakes, the children were full of energy and ready to take Nairobi National Museum by storm! Armed with questions they had accumulated from their History topic on Kenya and their lessons on Genetics and Adaptation in Science, Year 6 showed fantastic enthusiasm and were really interested in all of the exhibits.

It was difficult to decide on which gallery was the best, but strong contenders had to include the Bird Gallery, or perhaps the Mammals Exhibit, where children got to put their knowledge of The Theory of Evolution to the test with some real life examples to help reinforce their learning.

There were “oohs” and “aahs” as they explored the fossil room; after learning about the discoveries of the Leakeys and of Kamoya Kimeu in lessons it was incredibly exciting to get to see the fossils first hand. Mr Mulongo and Miss Hogan were highly impressed with the articulate, interesting and thoughtful questions that the children asked our tour guide.

After the thrill of the museum, it was back to the bus, back to Miss Hogan’s pop playlist, and back home to Nanyuki, ready for some well deserved rest over the weekend.