Neurodiversity Celebration Week

21st March 2024

This week, Students at BNIS joined schools all over the world who also marked Neurodiversity Celebration Week. Neurodiversity is an umbrella term which is used to help us understand that there is a natural variation to how people’s brains work, in regard to how we process information, learn, and behave.

This week began with the whole school Thought for the Week which explained neurodiversity and prompted the children to think about how they may sometimes react differently to things than other people around them. Across the school, classes discussed how there is no ‘correct’ way that our brains work and celebrated that we all see the world differently - some of us more differently than others.

In Monday’s assembly, the Y1-8 children met the parent of a child at the school who very obviously sees the world differently to many others, as well as hearing from one of our older pupils who recently received a diagnosis of ASD.


Finally, the children also had the opportunity within their classes to reflect on how they can help if someone has a marked reaction to something in their presence, and discussed how they could get help if something is making them feel unsettled.

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