Pyjama Fun Day

10th September 2021

“Because it’s Friday!” Was one child’s response in assembly when asked why everyone at BNIS came into school in Pyjamas.

Whilst this would be a fantastic reason in itself, we were actually raising money to purchase books which will be donated to one of the many worthy causes previously identified by FANS. Staff and students all came in wearing their comfiest pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns - there were even a few cuddly toys that were lucky enough to be invited in for the day.

As is only fitting for a day in pyjamas, the Primary school were treated to a bedtime story from Mrs Gould and Miss Reed which had everyone in stitches, although no one seemed very sleepy by the end of it!

Many of the children enjoyed some extra fun today, with lots of stories and even a Teddy Bear Picnic or two… What was most special about the day, however, was knowing that everything was going towards a good cause; once we have finished counting up donations we will announce our grand total to children and parents, so make sure you watch this space to find out more.

Keep scrolling to see just some of the fun that children had.

Photo from Molly(5).jpg
Photo from Molly.jpg