17th March 2023

In Creche, children have been letting their imaginagtions run wild! Role-play is a fun way for children to learn about themselves, others and their environment whilst also learning important skills that help develop their creative thinking and cognitive abilities.

Down in Creche, there have been mini professionals running around that one might see in our community. The children have morphed into doctors, builders, cooks, mothers, fathers, teachers and drivers.

Super business woman
Chefs in the making
Anyone need a doctor?

Through this, they are learning different skills such as problem solving as they interact with each other, taking turns as they decide who takes up which role, language and communication skills as they talk and learn new words and also making the difficult decision of how the game should unfold and where it should happen.

Take a big breath in
Everything sounds good

They have also been learning to resolve conflict with ease as they play together and as we all know, this is not an easy feat. Their personalities shine and evolve as they become more aware of what they enjoy doing. Empathy is a large component of role-play as different issues will come about; the children are encouraged to put themselves in each other’s shoes and learn to apologise when the right choice was not made.


Now that the children in Creche have ‘tried’ on the roles of different professionals, I wonder which one they would pick and what they would like to be when they grow up?

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding”. Lloyd Alexander.

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