8th January 2021

What a lucky school we were to receive four sacks FULL of books during the last week of Term 1. Mr Craven and Mrs Gould stumbled across the sacks first thing in the morning and could not work out what was going on. Luckily Santa sent a video message to Mr Craven explaining that he had sent an elf down, under cover of night, to deliver this fabulous Christmas gift to the school. Santa shared his sadness that he was not able to attend school as usual this year, but he knew that he had to ensure he kept himself safe so that he could carry out his usual duties on Christmas Eve.

All the books we received contained a sticker to show that they were given to us for Christmas 2020. There were SO many books! As a result our library is now full to bursting and all the new books are on the shelves ready to be read. Whilst the library is out of bounds to the children, teachers will have a rotating selection of books available in class for the children to read. We are looking forward to seeing the children as they find books which were given to us by Santa. Thank you Santa!