Super Swimmers

7th October 2021

We’re back! It’s been two long years since EYFS children have dived into the pool and the long-awaited event finally came at the beginning of this term - no one could hide their joy and excitement as they eagerly waited for the children’s first swim.

Children had a whole host of different reactions when they first saw how big the pool was; most of them were bold enough to give it a go, although there were a few who needed some gentle persuasion even just to dip their toes in the pool. Those who braved it were divided by whether the pool was too cold or not!

Children were taken through safety rules around the pool and how to get in and move about in the safest way possible; some children even had a go at seeing if they were tall enough to stand and walk around inside the pool.

Whether it was a first dip or just the most recent of many visits to the swimming pool, all of the children have done fantastically in their lessons so far.