Surprise Guest & Entrepreneur Success

8th January 2022

What a way to end the year! Carols, shopping, food, fun, laughter and (best of all), SANTA!

The last day of Term 1 was a fun, half-day at school. Everyone attended in festive colours and with a full dose of festive spirit!

Children had spent the two weeks leading up to the event being entrepreneurs; they had created a concept to sell, they had costed the product, set a selling price, promoted their wares; produced the product and then they sold, sold, SOLD! The aim was to make as much profit as possible whilst also learning some real life skills including understanding around money and budgeting. The school was a hive of activity throughout the challenge.

Upon arrival at school, children set straight to work setting up their stalls to attract their customers and out-do the competition. Children worked in year groups which also helped us teach them how to work in a team successfully. Parents arrived at around 9am and were set straight to shopping; and shop they did! The children staffed their stalls and worked very hard to attract their customers - all to great success.

Whilst all this was going on, everyone was treated to festive songs which Miss Gakenia had expertly been teaching the children. Whilst Jingle Bells was being sung, a dull rumble was heard in the sky leading to the appearance of a helicopter overhead!! With great excitement everyone rushed to the field to watch the helicopter land and out emerged Father Christmas! His trusty elves also appeared carrying sacks of presents for the children. Everyone rushed back to their classrooms where they assembled to receive their gift. He gave each child a book and they were received with gratitude and joy.

The market then reconvened, and the festive songs continued. It was a wonderful morning for everyone to enjoy being together and look forward to the excitement of Christmas. Huge thanks go to Miss Reed for her planning, her efforts and for hosting the event. A big well done and thanks also go to all the staff and children for their hard work and efforts to make this event one to remember!