Taking Care of our Pets

14th October 2021

In Creche, children have been learning how to take care of the school pets.

Children have been thinking about the Braeburn Circles and how they can be Responsible Citizens, and have been learning how to feed the school pets by looking for edible plants around the school and making sure that the pets have been fed.

They have also been making sure the pets are all clean and ready for their next visitors by washing and cleaning the tortoises. Children were very excited to find some tortoise eggs buried underground and added more soil to protect the eggs from the curious chickens; everyone is so excited to see the baby tortoises!

Children have been thinking about how they can be “Gentle Giants” as part of their Responsible Citizens work by making sure that they do not harm or hurt the pets by mistake when playing with them.

These activities have become the highlight of many children’s days and Creche is always awash with excitement whenever it comes to caring for the pets.