The Bossy King

4th December 2021

The Bossy King

This week we were treated to an outstanding festive performance by the Year 1 and 2s. After instructing all the audience to bow down to the Bossy King and telling off all her servants for bringing her the wrong coloured ropes the Bossy King had a change of heart when she visited the newly born Jesus and realised the gift of giving was a much nicer way to be.

The Children performed a range of incredible songs with wonderful actions… there were dancing ballerinas and angels and even a moving moon. It was evident that the children had been working hard at home on their lines, as they all remembered them and stage directions too!

The costumes and wonderful backdrop brought the play to life and set the stage for a polished performance. Both the whole school and parents thoroughly enjoyed the play and were mightily impressed by the efforts of some of our youngest children!

I would like to thank our teachers for the phenomenal effort, care and creativity that they put into creating such a wonderful performance! It has certainly put us in the festive mood and has got us excited for our busy festive week next week! Congratulations Year 1 and 2!