The Cave Artists

14th September 2023

This week, the year 3 children embarked on an exciting journey back in time to the prehistoric era. These budding Picassos have begun to take a thrilling ride through history, as they explored the fascinating world of cave painting from the Stone Age.

What better way to truly understand this ancient period than by taking a virtual tour to the legendary Lascaux Caves in France? The young explorers ventured deep into the heart of these prehistoric wonders, witnessing first hand the enigmatic beauty of ancient cave paintings.

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Screenshot 2023-09-14 082051.jpg
Screenshot 2023-09-14 082152.jpg

After their virtual journey, armed with inspiration and awe, the children embarked on their creative endeavour. They began to recreate the pictographs they had seen in the caves. The concentration in the room was palpable as the children meticulously sketched the bison, horses, and mysterious symbols that adorned the cave walls.


But the excitement didn't end there! The moment they had all been eagerly awaiting finally arrived. It was time to transform their sketches into vibrant works of art. Using an array of pastels, the young artists got down on the floor, huddled beneath their desks, and got to work. The room buzzed with enthusiasm as they brought the Stone Age to life, infusing colour and beauty into their drawings.


This hands-on experience allowed our children to immerse themselves in the prehistoric world, gaining a unique understanding of the challenges and creativity that defined the Stone Age. As they applied pastels to their sketches, they felt a connection to the ancient artists who once inhabited the Lascaux Caves.

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