The Power of Line

21st March 2024

Children in Year 7 and 8 have been focussing on one of the formal elements of art - line. They have been experimenting, with great success, with how lines can be used to create feelings and expressions. The began by developing a better understanding of what line is and how it can be used within art before moving onto using continuous line to create Picasso inspired cubist work using wire sculptures.


The children have also used cross-hatching to create more realistic three dimensional drawing of hands, before moving on to using layered lines to create portraits.


Most recently they have begun work on expressive line through watercolour painting. They have learnt about the famous artist, Vincent van Gogh and created their own painted landscape.


The work produced has been of a very high standard, some of which will be on display in the school. We hope you will enjoy looking at the examples included in this newsletter article.

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