There's a Sunflower in my Supper!

1st July 2022

This week was an exciting one for the EYFS, a week of face painting, costumes, lights and ACTION!

After weeks of hard work, rehearsing lines, actions and musical numbers, children in early years wowed audiences across three different performances for their end of year performance. Everyone was amazed by the children’s ability to maintain their focus, remember lines and of course, sing their hearts out! For their teachers, it was the children’s happiness and confidence that best captured just how much of a success the play was.


The story, set on Grassy Hill, follows a special cow called Daisy on a quest to fulfil her dream of having a garden. One day, on her way home from the market she finds a seed. Her fellow cows are a nervous bunch who have been scarred by once finding a beanstalk growing in their field (resulting in an infamous altercation with a Giant, turning Mr Bull into a permanent grump ever since). Daisy, however, decides to plant it in secret, helpfully guided by the wise old owl who helps with a few tips on gardening. The flower attracts birds, squirrels, bees and butterflies (masterfully played by our wonderful creche children) coming to collect seeds and nectar. The flower eventually wilts as the seasons change, but reminds the audience that ‘this is not goodbye, I will leave something for you to remember me by,’... low and behold, the next spring even more sunflowers have germinated!


The play serves as a lovely example of how important the natural ecosystem is and of just how many different animals benefit, even from one small plant. In FS2, learning this week has been centred around ‘Food’, which ties in perfectly with this powerful message. Children have been reading a large selection of books, from The Hungry Caterpillar to non-fiction books focusing on the digestive system, thus helping them understand the importance of food and begin exploring the differences between ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’.


It has been such a wonderful way to wrap up the year and everyone is phenomenally proud of the children. Well done, everyone!