Trading, Eggs and Economy

26th May 2023

Kenya and Trade

Recently, Year 5 have been learning about the trade Kenya has with its neighbouring countries and other parts of the world. This has involved the children considering what products Kenya produces to export and those that need to be imported and why.
The children have used their knowledge of computers to create pie charts showing the top ten products imported and exported to and from Kenya and the top ten countries involved.


An egg-citing few weeks

There have been some special guests in Year 5 and not the kind of guests you might think - chicken and duck eggs! As the 21-day incubation period comes to an end, there has been a lot of anticipation, waiting for the eggs to hatch. During this time, we have talked about how the chicks have been developing and the children also ‘candled’. This is a method used to observe the growth and development of an embryo inside an egg which uses a bright light source behind the egg to show details through the shell.


The Class Economy Game

As half term approaches, Year 5 has been discovering how they can be responsible BNIS citizens by taking part in the Class Economy Game. They will need to fulfil their ‘job’ role fully in order to ‘earn’ Class Cash. They will also learn how to apply for and describe their suitability for the role they wish to undertake, making sure they have a referee that can be contacted if deemed necessary. Overall, during the game the children will realise that, in life, there are ups and downs where job responsibilities and money are concerned as well as having to deal with unavoidable and unexpected costs as they arise! Being a grown up is tough work.

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