Year 5 at Solio Gardens

13th May 2022

On Tuesday, Year 5 spent the morning at Solio Gardens, Burguret.

After a brief tour informing us about the range of birds there, the children spent some time using their artistic talent to sketch ostriches, guinea fowl, peacocks, chickens and ducks. The calming environment allowed everyone to spread out and choose their favourite birds to draw, using skills which the children had learnt from a workshop with a local artist and parent at the school.

DSC08328 (2).JPG

One of the staff members at Solio Gardens allowed children to feed the ostriches and they were all very excited to handle some ostrich eggs, demonstrating such care that they were even trusted to take care of them as they sketched!

20220510_122634 (1).jpg

Finding some feathers, especially from the ostriches and peacocks, gave the pupils a souvenir to remember our visit and they were all very excited to show off their finds to children from other year groups on their return to school.