United Nations International Day of Peace

21st September marks the annual United Nations International Day of Peace.  Throughout the week leading up to this, children worked on their individual part for a whole school, peace-themed art project.  Children each created their own design for a piece of origami paper in a variety of ways, including printing using potatoes and creating geometric patterns with careful measurements and compasses.  They each then turned the paper into their own origami dove which was hung in the school hall.  Each of these was unique yet also the same, just like all of us!  The children will continue on from this by using the art installation as a stimulus to create poetry about peace. 

Mrs Gould led assembly on the morning of the 21st September and took the children for a ride in her ‘Ship of Peace’.  She showed them ways in which we each play a role in the promotion of peace including: dealing with conflict without combat;  helping others; challenging inequality; showing kindness to all; and respecting differences.  We were particularly proud of our Stars of the Week in this week who were people who demonstrate peaceful attributes to support harmony within their classrooms.

We travel the road to peace,

every single day.

Improving the world around us,

with what we do and say.

All of us are different,

yet we are all the just the same.

We're people wanting happiness,

during this bumpy, life-long game.

Try giving smiles to see what happens,

don't fight, instead just talk!

Do this and work at being kind

to smooth this road we walk.

Parent Workshop – Letters and Sounds

Monday morning started with a brain workout for parents with children in Foundation Stage 1 through to Year 2. They were talked through the phases of Letters and Sounds and how Jolly Phonics is used to enhance the teaching of phonics at BNIS.  The importance of reading aloud to children was stressed as well as the need for ‘pure’ sounds when helping children with phonics.

Movie Night: The Greatest Showman

Friday night, was movie night at BNIS and our heads were “filled with the brightest colours” as a “million dreams kept us awake” after watching The Greatest Showman.  We were blessed with a beautiful evening with a clear sky full of stars.  Thank you all for coming, we hope you had a good time!

Early Years Open Morning

What an insightful Open Morning in Early Years! The parents got a chance to know what happens in their children's year groups as well as get a feel of their children's learning environment first hand by engaging in various activities.

Hog Charge at Peponi School

 Hog Charge is a mountain Bike  event  aimed at school children to get them actively involved in Conservation fund raising and in so doing, they would learn about the efforts to conserve the forests of Kenya, how to inter-react with sponsors, learn team work and also give them a challenge when they took part in the event. Parents and teachers are also encouraged to take part.

In this year, we had some of our children taking part in the event and did us really proud in winning in their categories. These included:

Under 12 girls team that included Edith Hobbs, Elsa Dyer, Lois Dekker and Olivia Horwood.

Robin Bebbington and  Noah Dekker’s team won the Under 14 boys event as well at the Under 14 boys gauntlet!

A big well done to the boys’and girls’ team