Tae Kwondo champions

On Wednesday 28th November children from across the school competed in a Tae Kwondo match and undertook their termly grading test. In front of their parents, children sparred, broke bricks and performed sequences with a professional and mature attitude. Through their weekly Tae Kwondo lessons they learn how to develop focus, control and discipline as well as have a good time!  Tae Kwondo is available to any student from FS1 to Y8, more details can be sought at the school office. 

Their Tae Kwondo ‘Master’ – Benson – proudly watched them receive their new grades and medals during assembly on Wednesday 5th December. All children moved up a grade and three individuals reached the highest accolade – a black belt!  Well Done Jed, Clive and Maynuel. There was huge pleasure displayed on every child’s face as they stood proudly wearing their medals for the rest of the school to see.

Reading to the extreme

We have received lots of photos within our Extreme Reading focus this term.  Children have been captured reading:

  • on the trampoline
  • in army vehicles
  • on motorbikes
  • in trees
  • in fireplaces
  • with birds on their shoulders
  • in helicopters
  • on roofs
  • upside down
  • with wild animals
  • milking a cow

It has clearly been a lot of fun for everyone.  There is still time for photos to come in and if you want to see the full range, please feel free to pop into the library to take a look!

KS1 Superstars

The children and teachers in Years 1 and 2 have worked very hard this term to pull together the 2018 Nativity performance. The play – ‘Superstar’ involved every child, included lots of singing, showcased some cool dancing and featured the usual Nativity characters. 

The final dress rehearsal was presented to the school on Wednesday 28th November. Children spoke clearly and confidently and had obviously dedicated a lot of time to learning their lines. They supported each other on stage - to position themselves correctly and prompt each other if anyone needed a nudge with their lines. One of our favourite songs was the one featuring the ‘animals’ who were a little noisy and needed to be ‘sshhhhed’!!

They received huge round of applause at the end as a sign of appreciation. Parents will have a real treat at their performance on Friday 30th November.  Good luck children – break a leg!

Stone Age Lewa

On Thursday 22nd Nov, Y3 travelled to Lewa to enhance their learning about the Stone Age. 

Whilst there, they spent time at the Education Centre learning about the importance of wildlife and trees. They were shown a variety of bones from animals which they found incredibly interesting as they have recently been learning about skeletons in Science.

The children then climbed on board the bus and had a game drive for free on their way to the archaeological site. Here Seiya’s dad showed them Stone Age tools that were discovered at the site and explained how these had been dated. He talked about evolution and showed the children a variety of replica skulls that dated back over 5 million years.

The group then set off for the cave but had to spend some unplanned time in the bus a group of rhinos would not get out of the way!!  The rangers moved them along and then the children were able to enter the cave, Lewa plan to excavate this at some point as it is believed to have been a Stone Age home. The children did cave rubbings and created pictures in charcoal in the style of cave  paintings.

The day was wonderful and our thanks go to the Watsons and to the MacFarlanes for hosting and educating us so amazingly! The children were unsurprisingly excited but also very well behaved—well done all!

BNIS club together

Wednesday 28th November will see the end of this round of Wednesday after-school clubs. For the last six weeks, we have had: Football Club for beginners, Hockey Club for the experienced, Lego Club, Outdoor Sculpture and Mitumba Club running this term. 

Those in Football Club were given the opportunity to learn the rules of football as well as develop the skills needed within the game. Thank you to one of our parents - Cindy Mills - for instructing the children at this club. 

Hockey Club enabled children to hone their skills and increase their accuracy in advance of hockey season next term. 

At Lego Club children undertook challenges to create models each week. At Outdoor Sculpture, children took a leaf out of Andrew Goldsworthy’s book and created art outdoors, using natural materials. The results were beautiful. Mitumba Club enabled children to transform old into new. Most children persevered across the weeks to change a skirt into a handbag and the results were amazing. Thanks go to another parent – Catherine Freeman – for giving up her time and helping the children sew.